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Thoroughbred.   Born to run, fated to die. One horse's journey from defeat to victory. 1973.

Sumo Joy.   They were just out for an innocent joyride, but when Adrienne and Peter stumble across their neighbour's drug crop, he gives chase. In trying to escape, they strike a pedestrian. Now, not only are they being pursued by drug dealers, but they are on the run from the police. 1975.


The Oil Stone.   International intrigue, oil rigs, helicopters and chasing. Lots of chasing. 1979.


Safety Margin.   A violent robbery at a pharmaceutical company. A jogger's inexplicable collapse. A string of losing favourites at Randwick Racecourse. When ex-cop, Jessie Hammond, starts digging, she finds herself deep in a sinister mystery. Boomakers' odds mean nothing, and luck is open to negotiation. 1995.



A Taste of Death.   An accident in the woods, and a heck of a hangover after a night like no other. Now, Don is a vampire, and he's pissed. The other vampires best watch out! 1975.

Banjeejee.   A young academic joins a scientific team investigating tales of a monster in a remote Tasmanian lake. The only problem? The last scientist to visit that lake ended up in pieces. 1998.

The Valley of the Horned Horse.   YA novella. During a violent mountain storm, a college student's favourite horse, Tanna, goes missing. But when Tanna returns and gives birth to an extraordinary foal, Kris must lead them to safety. Back into the wilderness that claimed Kris's mother's life. 1999.

Sleep Without Fear.   Cold Mountain meets The Handmaid's Tale in this post-apocalyptic tale of a girl who takes to the road in search of her father. 2000.


The Dragons of Havendale.   Work in progress. Warmhearted fantasy. I am co-writing this with my sister, Catherine Le Bars, based on her brilliant idea. 2020.

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