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Pitfalls in Veterinary Surgery

ISBN: 978-1-119-24164-5

Pitfalls in Veterinary Surgery offers a candid examination of real-life mistakes and mishaps encountered while operating on veterinary patients.  Written by a surgeon with over thirty years of experience, the book is a highly readable and entertaining, yet informative, account of common errors that can occur in the veterinary operating room.  Allowing readers to learn from the author’s mistakes, the book offers a thoughtful reflection on how to avoid these common errors.


Each chapter tackles a different category of mistakes, discussing real-life examples of lessons learned in the veterinary practice.  Veterinary surgeons, practitioners, residents, interns, and students alike will enjoy Pitfalls in Veterinary Surgery, and will benefit from the author’s years of experience.


Key features


  • Describes a range of mistakes and mishaps encountered by a veterinary surgeon with 30+ years of experience

  • Provides an honest examination of the reality of operating on pets

  • Offers the opportunity to learn from an experienced surgeon’s mistakes

  • Discusses mistakes in a wide range of situations, ranging from commonplace to unusual

  • Presents a realistic view of veterinary surgery, including how to live with mistakes

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