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SLY GHOSTS, Aurealis Magazine, 2020.
In a seaside village dominated by the island, with its moody sea, crashing night waves, and rolling mists , anything is possible. Mary—doubted by all—recognises what others refuse to believe; the island is coming, and its ghosts are hungry for company. Will she find the strength to refuse, or will she take one last, short step?

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SONG OF THE SELMARIN, Wyldblood Press , From the Depths, 2023.

“You can give a siren your body,” Gawen’s father advised his only son. “But do not give her your heart,
for she will keep it forever.”

Far from land, astride a wooden deck heaving upon a restless ocean, Gawen braced himself against the ship’s gunwale and tried to work out whether his new captain was a goddess or a monster.

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AN INCONVENIENT UNICORN, Accepted for publication in Solarpunk Creatures, by WorldWeaver Press, June 2023

What use is progress? thought Renata, if we destroy nature to make it?

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